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Pumpkin Stand Mini Sessions | Wisconsin Rapids, WI

We had a beautiful day for pumpkin stand mini sessions at Nepco Lake County Park in Wisconsin Rapids. It actually reached a high of 66° which is warm for a Wisconsin October. My fiancé and I worked hard to build this adorable pumpkin stand just in time for these sessions, and it turned out great!

Owen & Joel’s Pumpkin Stand Mini Session

Pumpkin Stand Mini Sessions

I got to meet the most adorable brothers, Owen and Joel. Joel sure kept me on my toes with all his energy. He just loves to run and play. We could hardly get him to sit still even with bribes of his favorite food (doughnuts). Owen on the other hand was relaxed and content sitting on the blanket holding his pumpkin. I had so much fun taking photos of these cute boys.

Pumpkin Stand Mini Sessions

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