The Best Memories of 2020

You might be reading the title of this blog post and asking your self “the best memories of 2020? Was there really anything good that happened this year?” But looking back, despite how hard 2020 was, I think there were still a lot of good moments too.

Even though 2020 was tough, I still see it as a blessing in disguise. With our usually busy lives, time always goes by so fast as we try to fill each day with as much as possible. It’s been so nice not to have to go 8 places on the weekend or try to squeeze in as much as possible after work.

I wouldn’t have been able to do many of the things I’ve done this year if I hadn’t been working from home. My usual commute takes up 1-1/2 hours of my day making it hard to run errands after work because I get home after everything is closed. With all that extra time on my hands, my fianc√© and I were able to buy a house this year and meet with vendors while planning our wedding (safely of course).

2020 has helped me focus on the things that matters most. I’ve been able to appreciate the little things that are sometimes hard for me to make time for in my daily life. Things like working on projects I’ve been wanting to start and spending time with my family.

We all know that 2020 definitely wasn’t our year but we were still able to capture so many great memories this year! Below are some of my favorite images from 2020. My hope is that the photos I’ve captured of your families this year will help you to remember a little good in 2020 too.

My Favorite Memories Captured in 2020

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