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6 Simple Ways to Display Your Family Photos

You booked an amazing photographer to take your family’s photos, you had a wonderful time at your session, and you finally received your gallery back with your images. You might be asking, now what?

I have a lot of people tell me that one of the reasons for getting family pictures done is to display them in their homes. After all, pictures can be the most meaningful artwork we will ever own. However, life gets busy and all of a sudden its 6 months or a year later and those pictures are still waiting to be hung.

I wanted to share some ways you can display your family photos to make it easier to get those photos on the wall.

1. Gallery Wall Grid Display

This is one of the most easy and simple ways to display your photos. It looks sleek with matching frames/mats in a grid-like fashion. Keep at least 2 inches of space in between frames to help the photos feel connected but not too cluttered together. You can have any size grid that fits your space: 4 x 1, 3 x 2, 4 x 3, etc.

Choose this option if you have a lot of photos you would like to feature. This style also looks unique and uniform with black and white photos. It works perfect in hallways, bedrooms, family rooms, staircases, or home offices.

Gallery Wall Display

2. Oversized Photos

Large oversized photos can make a statement in any room. This option is great if you only have one or two photos you would like to showcase. Your favorite photo(s) will become the center of attention when they have the whole wall to themselves. This style looks stunning with black and white photos as well.

Choose to hang one large horizontal frame or two medium vertical frames. These are also great in family rooms, above mantles, above beds, and in home offices.

3. DIY Photo Ledge

This is one of my favorite ways to display photos because it can be done almost anywhere in your home. I love the look of mixed and match sized frames each with different sized pictures. You can also mix in other thing on your ledge such as quotes, children’s artwork, or other decorations. You don’t have to worry about drilling multiple holes in the wall, and you can rearrange or switch out photos easier.

This is great if you have multiple photos you would like to display. Use all black and white images to bring it all together, or add pops of color with colored frames. Some of my favorite spots for photo ledges include corners, hallways, family rooms, offices, and mudrooms.

4. Canvas Photo Display

Skip the frames all together and go with an eye-catching canvas print. Your photos are printed on canvas and then wrapped around stretcher bars making them lightweight. There are so many different options to display your images with canvas. Choose a single canvas for large statement images or choose a multi-panel display for larger walls. If you decide multi-panel, you can use several different images, or break up one big image into multiple canvases.

Canvas prints can add texture and depth to your space. And, since they don’t have a frame, they can be moved from room to room without worrying about matching your decor. Single or multi-panel canvases look great above beds, above mantles, in family rooms, home offices, and dining rooms.

5. Photo Collage

You can create a photo collage of as many photos as you want. Mix and match different frame sizes, colors, and styles. You can also mix in other elements such as quotes, wood arrows or letters, or mirrors. Stagger different frame sizes across the wall to create more interest.

This is another great option if you have multiple photos you want to display. These can go anywhere from staircases and hallways to family rooms and entryways.

6. A Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are great because you can display multiple images in one frame. The frame will cycle through your photo slide show and you can add more photos as needed. Depending on the frame you get, you can add photos via email, SD Card, USB, or website.

If you can’t choose which photos you want to display, then this might be the option for you! These look great anywhere there is room for a frame.

No matter which style you choose, adding family photos to you home can brighten your day and make your home more unique.

For more photo display inspiration, check out my pinterest board. If your interested in booking a session with me you can contact me here!

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